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Klye, Alyssa, and Erin in Mizzou clothes
MU's Future Is Lookin' Good!
Alyssa, Erin, and Kyle all sport their MU outfits.
They are my neices and nephews.
Alyssa on piano
"Look Aunt Diane, I Can Play Too!"
Alyssa plays the piano around Christmas '95.
Kevin in Chief's garb
Kevin demonstrates how NOT to dress for a Chiefs' game.
Diane & Hugh at Reynold's wedding
Lookin' Sharp
Diane and Hugh at Aaron Reynold's wedding. VERY fun night!
Hugh, Cheryl, & Brian at Wedding
Cheryl Thinks, "Brian, Just Smile. That's All, Just Smile."
Hugh, Cheryl, and Brian at Aaron Reynold's wedding.
Hugh at McComas's wedding
He's Going to Blow!!!
Just me stuffing my face at Kevin McComas's wedding.
Mom & Dad dancing
Mom and Dad "Cutting A Rug"
What a beautiful site - 37 years later and still going strong!
4 brothers doing line dance
The O'Donnell Brothers Bond
Okay, so the Rockets we are not! But Brian, Hugh, Paul and Kevin sure were having fun.
Hugh and Folks on skilift
Who Are Those Masked People???
Hugh, Dad, and Mom on the skilift at Winter Park, CO.
Kyle with Beetle Bailey
Kyle's Found A New Friend.
Kyle smiles with the Beetle Bailey sculpture on the MU campus.
O'Donnell Fore
The O'Donnell 'Fore'some
They won best dressed, but Jeff, Hugh, Brian, and Dad didn't fair too well at the Burn's and McDonnell golf tournament.
Ole Goldy
Okay Now, ROLL OVER!...
It was like a member of the family (made it through 6 kids and 5 wrecks).
But, when *I* wreck a car, I REALLY wreck it.
NOTE: Not even one person had a scratch on 'em.
Ross St. Girls
My Four Girls!
Four reasons why my senior year was so much fun - Cindy, Tricia, Kristin, and Mishie.
They are all just friends (unfortunately), but they mean the world to me.
RUF Gang
The RUF Gang
A good group of folks, even though I didn't spend a whole lot of time with them.
"Say Cheese-y"!
Hugh, Rachel, Heidi, and Jimmer at Kevin McComas's rehersal dinner.
Gretchen and Friends
Girls! Girls! Girls!
Mariam, Gretchen, Shannon, and Tracey at Tony and Gretchen's wedding.
Tony's tuxed friends
Tony's Tuxed Friends
All the groomsmen, ushers, and tuxed men in Tony's wedding.
Train Skiing
Dave "Burly Man" Hinde On The Slopes
My old Young Life leader, Train, on the slopes of Monarch.
Hugh & Kevin Mc
High School Friends
Hugh and Kevin McComas after a l..o..n..g drive home from skiing.
The Colonial Gang
Colonial Summer Staff '90
Man, what a fun group of people!

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Last updated: 7/23/96